‘Journey’ to better skin

As you can probably tell I have no clue exactly how this whole blogging thing works (or if I’ll ever quite work it out).

I thought I’d start writing a blog to record my ‘journey’ to better skin. I’m 22 I’ve suffered with acne for the majority of my teenage years and now into my 20s. I plan on documenting each step of the next year as i begin taking the supposedly ‘life changing’ drug Isotretinoin (roaccutane/accutane). (Hopefully) I will post monthly updates on my current skin and any changes, the side effects I’ve experienced and my skin care routine for that month.

To clarify I have no skincare/beauty therapist qualifications or training I’m just a long time acne sufferer hoping to share my experience and document my progress. I know from my experience that I’ve spent hours and hours of my life trawling through the internet looking for ‘miracle cures’, tip, tricks quite frankly anything that will help my clear my skin. I haven’t taken the decision to start Isotretinoin lightly, I’ve spent months researching, reading blogs, internet pages and watching videos of others experiences to help my make my decision. So I hope that not only will I be able to keep track of my skin and side effects through my posts but also there is the possibility that sharing my experience will help others in similar situations.



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