Things I’ve been loving recently ||Beauty, Skincare & Lifestyle

I’m not entirely sure how the year is whizzing past so fast already. I feel like I haven’t had a second to myself since Christmas! This year I’ve really been making an effort to try new things beauty, skincare and lifestyle. Here are a few of those new things that I’ve tried, tested and loved.

Pixi – Make Up Setting Spray

This stuff is the absolute bomb. I use it before and after make up and it definitely makes my make up last longer and look 100% fresher. Its perfect for those middle of the day moments when the morning glow is starting to fade and you need a little pick me up. The scent is lush and it doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or tacky. If like me you really need you make up to go the extra mile and last the day, this stuff is perfect.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer 

I picked this up on a short break to Poland in February and have literally been wearing it everyday since. I could rave about this foundation until the cows come home, it gives good coverage, it gives me nice a glowly look and most importantly it lasts all day. The only draw back for me is that the lightest shade is still slightly too dark for my pale pale winter skin (boo), but obviously this isn’t a problem for everyone.img_7600

Lush Fresh Face Mask – Rosy Cheeks

As my skin has be changing due to taking Roaccutane I’ve been swapping up skincare a fair amount to combat the inevitable dryness. I love a good lush fresh face mask, so I popped into my local store and the sales assistant recommended Rosy Cheeks. The mask actually smells fresh unlike old people as I expected, it’s really thick and creamy leaving my face feeling nourished and refreshed. img_7618

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Staying on the theme of skincare, I also treated myself to an overnight moisturising mask. I’d heard so many good things about the Origins overnight mask so I thought I’d give it a go. You’ve guessed it, I love it! The smell is so lovely, probably slightly too strong for some, but perfect for me. I was expecting to find this really greasy and heavy, but no it offers overnight moisture without that heavy  pore-clogging feeling. Perfect for a pick me up a couple of nights a week.


Neal’s Yard Remedies –  Esta Aroma Diffuser

If you’ve seen any of my skincare posts you’ll notice a little Neal’s Yard theme, I just can’t get enough of the stuff. For Christmas I was treated to their Es
ta Aroma Diffuser, which honestly I’m completely in love with. I love the bamboo design it gives such a relaxed and stylish vibe. It has two light settings which are perfectly muted perfect for bedtime and not in the slightest bit distracting. So
far I’ve tried three ‘pre-made’ oils; Nightime, Calming and Optim
– and I’m completely satisfied with all three. The diffuser makes me feel so relaxed with the combination of the scent, the light and the simple design. I would 100% recommend saving up for one of these beauties.

Silent Witness 

Lets be honest who doesn’t love a bit of netflix and chill? In the last few months I’ve really got into crime/murder drama, its just so addictive. My latest muse is Silent Witness, I’ve been binge watching at every available opportunity.

Felix Hagan and the Family 

Music always has and always will be such a big part of my life; but I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at keeping up with the ‘latest’ music or listening to new/different things. Recently I’ve been lucky enough to see a variety of my favourite bands live in my hometown! Which not only has made me super happy (huge understatement haha) but also I’ve had the opportunity to see some brilliant support acts along the way.

One absolutely stand out band was Felix Hagan and the Family, there are no words to describe the magic of their ‘performance’. Honestly one of the most memorable, exciting and brilliant live bands I’ve seen in a long time! I’m not entirely sure how best to describe the genre, but its kind of a mixture of rock, punk, pop and glam (although this sound ridiculous it totally works). So yeah, highly recommend you give them a listen. img_7625

What have you been loving recently?










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